Parish Safeguarding Committee

Safeguarding Committees work with the leadership of each parish... to ensure policies, processes and practices are in place to protect children, young and vulnerable people.

Committee Members

Rev. Fr Richard Rosse
Parish Priest

Rev. Fr Simeon Anthony
Assistant Priest

Robert Durai
Parish Coordinator

Dawn Quintal
PPC Chair

Jorge Dominado

Nicki Edward


Maggie Mazzullo


The Role of the Parish Safeguarding Committee

The committees will ensure that the Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy is embedded across the parish... and compliance requirements are met by:

  • Promoting child safety within their community and fostering an understanding of the importance of child safety.
  • Working collaboratively with the leadership of each parish... to promote the safety of children and young people.  
  • Implementing, maintaining and/or reviewing child safety processes and procedures to support the wellbeing and safety of children and young people with input from relevant stakeholders e.g. priest, parish administration, parents, children young people, program leaders, pastoral associates.
  • Engaging in and/or reviewing risk management processes to promote the safe participation of children and young people in programs, activities and events.
  • Involving children and young people (and their families) in decision-making and planning to promote child safety.
  • Ensuring that reporting processes for concerns and/or allegations are well communicated across the parish... and act as the first point of contact in relation to child safety concerns, reports or allegations and comply with reporting protocols for child abuse reports and allegations.
  • Participating in and/or delivering child safety information and training.
  • Monitor ongoing compliance with the CAM Safeguarding Children and Young People Framework which encompasses the requirements of the Victorian Child Safe Standards.

(Source: CAM-Professional Standards Unit)