Weddings at St Catherine of Siena Church


Thank you for your enquiry about getting married at St Catherine of Siena Parish Church.

In deciding to get married in a Catholic church, you are indicating a willingness to invest some time and effort into the preparation for and the celebration of your wedding. The months leading up to your wedding should be full of joy and be deeply positive in your relationship with your partner.


It will be necessary for you to meet with your marriage celebrant after you have confirmed your booking at the church. The Parish Priest will be happy to arrange an appointment.

However, if you know a catholic priest or deacon you would like to invite to be your Marriage Celebrant, he is most welcome. Please inform our parish office when confirming your booking.

We expect at least four months’ notice prior to your wedding and your willingness to attend a preparation course.

The priest or deacon who is to officiate at your wedding will give you all the necessary instructions, and help prepare you for your married life. He will guide you through the various documents required by the Church and the State.


You should give to the priest or deacon who is marrying you, the following documents:

  1. Evidence of your date and place of birth (a full birth certificate if possible, or an Extract of Entry; an overseas passport if you were born overseas).
  2. Recent copy of Baptismal and Confirmation certificates to be provided by the Catholic party. These need to be less than six months old and can be obtained upon request by contacting the parish office where you were baptised. Members of other denominations are encouraged to provide a Certificate of Baptism, or at least the name of the church and the date of the baptism.
  3. If the Catholic party is not a resident in the parish of St Catherine of Siena Parish Caroline Springs, you will need to obtain either a “Testimony of Freedom to Marry” (for the groom) or "Permission to Marry Outside the Parish" (for the bride) from your local parish. This involves contacting the parish in which you live, explaining your intention to marry at St Catherine of Siena Parish, and asking for either or both “Testimony of Freedom to Marry” and "Permission to Marry Outside the Parish".
  4. If either party is remarrying, the record of church annulment and civil divorce papers will be required. If you are unsure about your ability to marry according to the rites of the Catholic Church, you should contact the Marriage Tribunal office (9639 4211).

Wedding Offering

The amount covers the cost of using the church.

  • Parishioner in the Stewardship Program $500.00
  • Parishioner not in the Stewardship Program $600.00
  • Non-Parishioners $750.00


You are responsible for your own musical arrangements. You will need to discuss this with the celebrant when planning the liturgy for your wedding. The church is equipped with an audio-visual system suitable for IPads and laptops. There is an organ that requires specialist operators.

Confetti and Alcohol

Confetti, rice, dried flowers, potpourri, rose petals, or other substitutes for confetti are not to be used in the church or around the church grounds. Alcohol is not permitted under any circumstance in the church or grounds.


Candelabra are permitted but only on the tiled area surrounding the main Altar.

Wedding Rehearsals

Rehearsals need to be booked well in advance through the Parish Office on                  03 8361 9822.


If you need to cancel your wedding, we would appreciate it if you could advise us well in advance.

Other Information

Wedding booklets are your responsibility and your marriage celebrant can help you with samples. Please ensure that all booklets are collected after the wedding ceremony.

Please Note:

The consumption of alcohol or food in the church/grounds is not permitted.

If there is any other information you need, please contact the Parish Office on 03 8361 9822. Office hours 9.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.




Welcome to St Catherine of Siena Parish.
We hope you enjoy your special day!


>> Wedding Guide (pdf)

>> Overseas Wedding: Paperwork Checklist (pdf)