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Knowing Jesus

So what brings us together as a community? That is the person of Jesus.

He is the reason that wecome together, grow together and share life with one another. The Catholic Church was instituted by Jesus Christ when he said in the Gospel of Matthew, “You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church (16:18).” In this statement, he establishes the Church which has continued to this present day and which we are a part of.


In Jesus, the divine and the human reside together. He is God, who came down from heaven and became flesh in order to reconcile us with Him. He lived on this earth, died on this earth and then rose from the dead. The resurrection confirms the divinity of Christ and fulfils all the divine promises made for us (CCC651). All of this, he did in order to teach us about God’s infinite love for us so that we may share in his divine nature.


Jesus is alive today and has a deep desire to know each one of us intimately. And this is why we exist as a community: that we may come to know him more fully, so that we could love him more deeply, that we may serve him with all we have and all we are.


If you want to know more about Jesus, we encourage you to try Alpha. Click here.
We connect regularly with Jesus through the celebration of the Sacraments. Find out more here.



St Catherine Of Siena Parish Mass Schedule

Mass Schedule

Monday:  9:30am

Tuesday: 7:00pm
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Thursday:  9:30am
Friday:  9:30am

Saturday: 9:30am & 6:00pm
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Tuesday: 6:00 pm

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