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PLT Parish Update June 2024 – Tina Matana


Our first Alpha has been completed. It has been an incredible privilege for the Alpha team to walk this journey with over 27 members coming as they are, perhaps on different faith journey’s but united and willing to discover, share and experience deep connections, profound encounters and a deeper relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. Over the nine weeks, participants have come together as a family to engage, connect, explore and discover who Jesus is, how to have relationship with him through faith, prayer and reading the Bible and learning and experiencing the Holy Spirit and so much more. 

The highlight of this program was the Holy Spirit retreat where almost every participant has experienced something profound, love and peace that surpasses all understanding, the Holy Spirit, the Love between the Father and the Son. An invitation that opens the heart to the healing, to the calling, to the desire to share and make Our Lord known to everyone.  It is joy, it is hope, it is light, it is trust, it is life in Him and through Him. 

From this place of trust and encounter, many participants have responded to the desire of taking the flame of the Holy Spirit in service, worship, fellowship, evangelization and discipleship by helping and leading in future Alphas and different ministries, so we look forward to welcoming them to the Alpha Team when we embark on our next Alpha, starting Wednesday 25th September. 


PLT Support to Ministries: 

PLT members continues to support their allocated ministries, as part of their commitment, with ongoing discussions, participating in their meetings, engaging in decision-making, and addressing any challenges along the way for which they may need guidance and mentoring.  We also continue to encourage and recognize the incredible efforts, commitment and passion of all ministry coordinators and members on our Missionary Renewal journey. 

Ministry profiles are in process of being reviewed and finalized with some delay on moving to the next step of showcasing them in our gathering space, on our website and featuring one a month in our parish bulletin and on our socials. 


Coaching with Ron Huntley: 

On 30th of May, the PLT had a coaching session with Ron Huntley, our Leadership Coach in missionary renewal. It was a great opportunity to discuss where we are at, our focus for next six months, and identify challenges along the way. Ron recognized and congratulated our great progress in our mission and reflected on the success of the two Leadership Summits held so far this year, with great engagement and enthusiasm from ministry coordinators and ministry members as well as so many other parish events/activities that we have supported. In our discussions it was identified, in some instances, PLT involvement in unnecessary detail can take away the energy and focus from our key missionary renewal activities, so we agreed that it is important to remain focused and committed to our missional role. 


Formation Opportunity for Existing Parishioners: 

Br Greg is in the process of working on a Formation program for our existing parishioners. There are few preparations and plans to consider, consolidate and confirm. More information will be provided about this great opportunity of faith formation in our parish in the coming weeks.

Finally, let us continue to pray for each other and that we are always guided by the love and light of Christ in our efforts of missional renewal.  We also continue to ask for the intercession our Patron Saint, St Catherine of Siena, pray for us.


Tina Matana

(On behalf of the PLT)

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