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PLT Parish Update April/ May 2024

PLT Parish Update April/ May 2024 – Russel Fernandes

With Father Richard away leading our pilgrims on their Marian Pilgrimage, we pray they are kept well & safe & take this opportunity to share our monthly PLT Update in place of Father’s Weekly Message.


Firstly, sincerest thanks to all who attended our Townhall on the 9th of May. It’s always encouraging to see community members coming together to discuss parish matters and provide feedback. Highlighting the financial situation and providing updates on parish activities are crucial aspects of keeping everyone informed and engaged. Fr Richard’s emphasis on the path of missionary renewal underscores the parish’s commitment to nurturing spiritual growth and fostering encounters with our Lord. The agenda for the Townhall was well-structured, covering important topics such as financial reports, reflections on parish vision of 2023, Focus of Parish Vision for 2024, and opportunities for Q&A. Encouraging more parishioners to attend future Townhalls will undoubtedly strengthen community involvement and support the parish’s mission of renewal.  The presentation can now be found on our website.

Leadership Summit #2 for 2024: 

The Leadership summit held on May 16th was a dynamic and productive gathering, with representation from all ministries within the parish community. The outlined purpose of the summit reflected a clear dedication to fostering a culture of missionary renewal and nurturing leadership aligned with this vision.

The 5 systems of Missionary Renewal – Worship, Evangelization, Fellowship, Discipleship and Service provides a comprehensive framework for guiding the parish’s efforts towards renewal. These systems serve as a foundation for revitalizing and strengthening the parish community, ensuring its vitality and relevance and the group activity focused on steps to address opportunities identified in summit #1.

Overall, the leadership summit was a valuable opportunity for Ministry Leaders to collaborate, strategize and align their efforts with the parish vision of MR. It was beautiful and heartening too, to see such dedication and enthusiasm among parish members towards building a vibrant and thriving faith-filled catholic community.

St Catherine of Siena Men’s Group: (changing to Ablaze Men’s Group).

The men’s group gathering held every third Friday of the month is an incredible enriching experience for spiritual growth and fellowship. The structure of starting with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, followed by Benediction with the opportunity for confession sets a reverent tone for the evening and provides a meaningful opportunity for spiritual reflection and renewal.

The growth of this Men’s Group from its humble beginnings to now encompassing 60 men demonstrates the impact and importance of providing spaces for men to come together to grow in faith, personal development and healing.

The intentionality of inviting speakers this year to address topics relevant to men’s spiritual and personal development adds depth and richness to our gatherings. From discussions on healing and personal transformation to insights on men’s health and vocational flourishing, these talks provide valuable insights and opportunities for reflection. The bonds formed within the Men’s group are a testament to the power of community and shared faith experiences.

We encourage you to come along to our next catch up. Please feel free to call or email me if you need more information. My email address & mobile 0481 245 758.


menAlive is a National Catholic Ministry for men which was founded out of a response to a great need in the hearts and lives of men, particularly in the life of the Catholic church. The purpose of menAlive is to bring men together to renew their faith in God and to encourage them to become an active force of renewal in the church. 

Through a variety of events and programs men are invited to explore what God would want for their lives and how they might come to experience the fullness of life that God wants for them.

The upcoming events organized by the menAlive group at St Catherine of Sienna Caroline Springs offer valuable opportunities for men to deepen their faith and engage in personal growth.


  • Raising Fathers Event with Rob Falzon

Scheduled for August 20th, this event presents a wonderful opportunity for men to gather and hear from Rob Falzon the founder of menAlive. His insights and experiences are sure to inspire and encourage attendees in their faith journeys. The fact that this event is free shows the commitment to making spiritual enrichment accessible to all.


  • menAlive Retreat

Set for October 5th & 6th, this retreat provides a more immersive experience for men to delve deeper into their relationship with God. This will be a paid event with meals included and a Journal from menAlive to aid reflection so that participants can expect a fulfilling & transformative experience.

More information about both events and how to book will be made available in the coming weeks.



Our first Alpha course for the year commenced on 17th April. This Saturday 25th May is our Holy Spirit Retreat, where participants often encounter our Lord like never before.  We request for you to pray for the Alpha Team and all our participants, that all will be touched and moved by the Holy Spirit during the retreat and answer God’s call for their lives.


St Catherine Of Siena Parish Mass Schedule

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