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Friday 29th April 2022


My dear people,

HAPPY FEAST DAY! How wonderful it is to celebrate our parish feast day today as we celebrate the feast of St Catherine of Siena. Today is a day to be particularly grateful for our parish. We are a young and vibrant parish with people who seek to give honour to God in both words and deeds. We indeed have a wonderful example in St Catherine of Siena. She was always eager to help people and many sought her wise advice in times of need. Let us pray that we will grow in our discipleship of Christ and in the bonds of friendship and fellowship that unite us as parishioners of St Catherine of Siena, Caroline Springs. The parish feast day dinner tomorrow night will be a great way to celebrate these bonds. Unfortunately, the tickets are sold out. We have already started thinking of the next event to bring the parish together. So, watch this space!

Two weeks ago, we re-lived the events of the last days of Our Lord. I would like to thank once again everyone who worked so hard to make sure that our liturgies were beautiful and engaging as well as prayerful. Many teams were involved from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday and the hard work of everyone, in terms of liturgy, logistics and hospitality, bore great fruits that we were able to witness. It was indeed wonderful to see so many people attend the liturgies after two years of various restrictions with our worship of God. This was my 5th Easter in the parish and I must say it was a source of great encouragement reminding me why I replied positively to God’s invitation to be a priest. And to you, all I sincerely say, “Thank You!”

As the Easter break has ended, our lives have now returned to normal. Our schools have resumed their activities for Term 2. The Playgroup was back yesterday and, as usual, it was wonderful to see the children being entertained in the meeting rooms together with their families. Our fourth Alpha started on Wednesday with 25 participants. Please pray for them on their journey with Alpha, that they find what they are seeking. We pray that those who are searching for the certainty that they are loved by God find affirmation of this and that those who want to grow in their relationship with God will indeed achieve this.

We continue turning to our patron saint, particularly today, and we ask for her intercession.

St Catherine of Siena, Pray for us.


Yours sincerely in Christ,

Fr Richard Rosse PP

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